26 mar. 2012

EEUU denuncia que islamitas controlan la política egipcia

CAIRO, March 26 (UPI) -- More than half of the members of an assembly tasked with drafting the Egyptian Constitution are from Islamist parties, an early analysis indicates.

Lawmakers from the Freedom and Justice Party, the Muslim Brotherhood's political arm, and al-Nour, a Salafist party, have the majority in the post-revolution Egyptian Parliament. Of the 50 members assigned to the constitutional assembly, 25 will come from FJP and 11 from al-Nour, Egyptian news service al-Ahram reports, citing an analysis of the constitutional assembly.

Mostafa el-Naggar, a lawmaker from the Justice Party, called for a boycott of the "assembly of Islamists" though al-Nour member and deputy Speaker Ashraf Thabet call for fair representation in the assembly.

"We have high hopes that no one will withdraw from the constituent assembly because it really represents all political, religious and social sectors," he was quoted as saying.

The assembly has its first meeting Wednesday.

Amr Moussa, former secretary-general of the Arab League and presidential candidate, said he's worried there will be a parliamentary crisis between rival political and military groups in Cairo, the Egyptian Independent reports.

The registration period for potential presidential candidates ends April 8. The first post-revolution presidential election is scheduled for May 23-24.

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